Amy K. Dittmar

Amy has taught  a variety of Corporate Finance courses at the Michigan Ross School of Business, including those listed below.  She is also regularly a MAP advisor. 


F621: This course provides an in depth understanding and practical applications of how managers make corporate finance decisions. The specific topics covered include: Capital Structure, Security Issuance including Initial Public Offerings, and Corporate Payout Policy. This course uses both lecture and case discussions to investigate these topics

F647: This is a case based course in corporate financial strategy.  The objective of the course is to highlight the role of finance in strategic decision making and to extend, integrate, and apply what you have learned in earlier finance courses in the context of complex business cases on both corporate restructuring and the use of hybrid securities.

F885: This course is a seminar style PhD course. We cover four papers a week, concentrated on one topic. The course requires students to critique and discuss the papers. The course concludes with a paper proposal.



F302: Financial analysis provides a structure to estimate and compare the costs and benefits of decisions made in both our personal lives and within an organization, such as a firm.  Students taking this course will develop a foundational understanding of rational-decision making using financial analysis and the ability to apply that framework to make personal investing decisions, allocate capital within an organization or firm, and to determine the value of a firm or any asset that produces cash flow.  Students will also learn how to assess risk and understand the relationship between risk and return when investing as well as gain a general understanding of financial markets.  This course will utilize extensive examples, problem solving, and case studies both in class and in smaller discussion sections.  This course is a prerequisite for all other Finance courses and is for non-Business majors.