PUT YOUR TEXT HERE: All of your text and links should go here with in this center row of this table, If you decide to create another page, with out using this template (it is recommended that you use this template), be sure to set your background color to white and your text to black. Once you have put your text, images, or links on the page and are ready to save go to the "save as" under "file".

(NOTE: You do not want to save this page under it's current title or location, it will overwrite the existing template.)

Once you have located the folder you wish to save your page under, enter the name of the page followed by .htm and save. By naming your page default.htm it will become the first page some one will view under the folder it is saved in. i.e. for example - if you save your page as default.htm under the folder webuser/departments/admissions/default.htm , by doing this people can reach your page by entering in everything but default.htm , for example webuser.bus.umich.edu/departments/admissions/default.htm will go to the same page as webuser.bus.umich.edu/departments/admissions/ . By using this template all of your links colors, background color, and text color have already been set to the correct style and color. Be sure to check your text, use spell check, and make your font, for your text, Arial, as is right now. Once you have read and understand these instructions you can highlight and delete this text and replace it with your own, and remember to make sure your text is Arial.