University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business

                    Harry Jones Associate Professor of Accounting (with tenure, 2011-)

                    Ernst & Young Assistant Professor (2004-2011)                                                                                


University of Chicago, MBA, Ph.D.                                                                                            2004, 2005

Fudan University (Shanghai, China), BBA, M.A. (Economics)                                           1991-1996, 1998




Employee stock options and equity valuation, with Franco M.H. Wong                                                    

            Journal of Accounting Research 43 (March 2005) 97-131


Annual report readability, current earnings, and earnings persistence

            Journal of Accounting and Economics 45 (2008) 221-247


The information content of forward-looking statements in corporate filings--A Naive Bayesian machine learning algorithm approach

            Journal of Accounting Research 48 (December 2010) 1049-1102


Analyst following, earnings forecasts, and the complexity of annual report communication,With Reuven Lehavy and Kenneth Merkley

           The Accounting Review 86 (May 2011) 1087-1115


Earnings quality based on corporate investment decisions

            Journal of Accounting Research (2011)


Corporate governance when founders are directors, with Suraj Srinivasan

            Journal of Financial Economics 102 (2011) 454-469


Textual analysis of corporate disclosures: A survey of the literature

            Journal of Accounting Literature (2011) vol. 29, 143-165.


Diversity and performance, with Venky Nagar

           Management Science (forthcoming)


Discussion of analyzing speech to detect financial misreporting

            Journal of Accounting Research (forthcoming)


A measure of competition based on 10-K filings, with Russell Lundholm and Michael Minnis

            Journal of Accounting Research (forthcoming)


Growth and accounting choice, with Ilia Dichev                                                                                          

           Australian Journal of Management (forthcoming)


WORKING PAPERS                                                                                                                                   


Empirical investigation of an equity pairs trading strategy, with Jason H. Chen and Jenny Chen


Managers' self-serving attribution bias and corporate financial policies  


Financial reporting quality and economic growth, with Nemit Shroff


Formal and real authority in organizations: an empirical assessment, with Michael Minnis, Venky Nagar, and Madhav Rajan     


Estimating the amount of estimation in accruals, with Jason V. Chen


Do stock market investors understand the risk sentiment of corporate annual reports?


Cross-sectional determinants of the asymmetric information content of Management Discussion and Analysis, with Roby Lehavy and Kenneth Merkley                                                                                                                                                           


Executive equity holdings and merger and acquisition efficiency                                                                    


Firm-specific information and cost of equity capital, with Philip Berger and Jason H. Chen


The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on foreign private issuers, with Philip Berger and Franco M.H. Wong 




Ph.D. Seminar

            University of Michigan (2012)

            Emory University (2012)

            Tsinghua University (2011, 2012)


Corporate Financial Reporting (Michigan MBA and MACC elective)

            Average teaching evaluation: 4.6 out of 5.0


Intermediate Financial Accounting (Michigan BBA elective)

            Average teaching evaluation: 4.6 out of 5.0


INVITED PRESENTATIONS                                                                                                                    


2013:     University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

              Columbia University

              Singapore Management University

              Queens University

              Florida Atlantic University

              University of Iowa (Sidney Winter Lecture Series)

              National University of Singapore

              Temple University

              University of Bristol

              Exeter University

              Santa Clara University


2012:     Rice University

              Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

              London Business School

              London School of Economics

              University of Minnesota Empirical Research Conference

              Rutgers University

              State University of New York-Buffalo

              Tsinghua University

              University of Texas-Austin

              Purdue University

              Florida State University


2011:     Duke University

             Chinese University of Hong Kong

             Southern Methodist University

             Nanyang Technological University

             AAA Lake Tahoe Doctoral Consortium faculty participant

             Tsinghua University International Corporate Governance Conference

             China European International Business School

             Michigan State University

             AAA 2011 Annual Meeting (panelist)

             Financial Economics and Accounting Conference (discussant)


2010:     Stanford University

              Center for Accounting Research and Education conference (joint conference by Notre Dame and University of Miami)

              Utah Winter Accounting Conference

              University of British Columbia

              Dartmouth College

              University of Michigan Kapnick Accounting Conference

              George Washington University

              Northwestern University

              The Ohio State University

              University of Texas-Dallas

              Cornell University

              University of California-Irvine

              AAA 2010 Annual Meeting (panelist)


2009:     University of Chicago

              University of Maryland

              University of Washington

              University of Southern California

              University of California-Los Angeles

              New York University Summer Camp

              Indiana University

              University of Florida

              University of Iowa

              Emory University

              Financial Economics and Accounting conference

              Deutsche Bank Asset Management


2008:     Harvard University

              University of Michigan Traverse City Conference

              The Econometric Society 2008 Summer Meetings (Carnegie Mellon)

              University of Notre Dame


2007:     University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

              Washington University


              Carnegie Mellon University


2006:     University of Michigan (Hosmer Lunch workshop and Accounting workshop)

              Barclays Global Investors

              Duke/UNC Fall Camp

              Chicago Quantitative Alliance

              Center for Research in Securities Prices forum

              Journal of Accounting and Economics 2006 annual conference


2005:     University of Notre Dame


2004:     Baruch College

              Emory University

              London Business School

              University of Michigan

              University of Minnesota

              New York University

              University of Oregon

              Purdue University

              University of Toronto

              University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)




University of Colorado Accounting Research Conference                                                        2011-2012


Harvard Business School Information, Markets, and Organizations Conference                                 2011


University of Toronto Accounting Research Conference                                                                        2010-2011


The North American Econometric Society Summer Meeting                                                               2008


Journal of Accounting Research annual conference                                                                      2000-2012


Penn State Research Conference                                                                                                   2006-2011


University of Minnesota Empirical Research Conference                                                  2008, 2010-2012


Carnegie Mellon mini-conference                                                                                                  2008-2011


Center for Accounting Research and Education conference                                                          2006-2011


Contemporary Accounting Research annual conference                                                                2008-2010


Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference                                                    2002-2004, 2006-2011


Stanford Accounting Summer Camp                                                                                                      2003




Harry Jones Faculty Professorship                                                                                                      2011-


Faculty participant, AAA Lake Tahoe Doctoral Consortium                                                               2011


Research grant from the Center for International Business Education at the University of Michigan 2008-2009, 2011-2012


Ernst & Young Faculty Fellowship                                                                                              2008-2011           


Runner-up, Chicago Quantitative Alliance Academic Competition                                                       2006


Grant from the Harry Jones Endowment on earnings quality research                                        2006-2009                       


Deloitte & Touche Doctoral Fellowship                                                                                                2003                       


AAA Doctoral Consortium                                                                                                                    2002


Big Ten+ Doctoral Consortium                                                                                                              2001


University of Chicago GSB Fellowship                                                                                        1999-2003


University of Chicago GSB First-year Summer Research Grant                                                           2000




AAA FARS (Financial Accounting and Reporting Section) best paper award committee, 2013


Research Events Committee, AAA 2012 Annual Meeting


Community Value Committee, University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business 2011-2012


Faculty Recruiting Chair, Accounting Area, Stephen M. Ross School of Business 2011-2012


Reviewer for

            Accounting, Organization, and Society

            The Accounting Review

            Contemporary Accounting Research

            Journal of Accounting Research

            Journal of Accounting and Economics

            Journal of Finance

            Management Science

            Review of Accounting Studies