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Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Business Administration and Psychology

Job Crafting and the Meaning of Work



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Book Chapters


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Media Coverage


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Job Crafting Exercise


The Job Crafting Exercise is a self-development tool that helps people identify opportunities to make positive changes to their own job designs by encouraging them to view their jobs in a new way.  More . . . .










Job Crafting Theory-to-Practice Briefing

A Theory-to-Practice Briefing distills an academic research concept and presents it in a manner useful for future or present managers. Each briefing defines a theoretical concept of interest and discusses how relevant research findings can be applied in the workplace.  More . . . .

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Job Crafting and the Meaning of Work


Book Chapters

Media Coverage

Job Crafting Cases

Job Crafting Exercise

Job Crafting Theory-to-Practice Briefing

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