University of Michigan




Maxim Sytch

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Michael R. and Marry Kay Hallman Fellow



Stephen M. Ross School of Business

701 Tappan Street, Room R4468

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234


Phone: 734.647.1055

Fax:     734.764.2555














My research focuses on the dynamics of the social structure of interorganizational relations (e.g., partnership ties and patent infringement lawsuits among organizations) and on their consequences for individual organizations and their exchanges. I also examine the implications of social structure for entire communities of organizations. Coupling various methodologies (longitudinal analysis, agent-based modeling, survey analysis, and qualitative research) with social network analytic techniques, I assess how interorganizational ties form, evolve, and aggregate into globally interconnected social systems. I investigate how the structure of these systems and an organization’s position in them impacts organizational behavior and outcomes and the evolution and outcomes of interorganizational dyadic exchanges. Organization-level outcomes include the organization’s performance in procurement relationships; its propensity to enter into collaborative relationships and to initiate and sustain conflictual interactions; and the organization’s growth rate and innovation performance. I also examine the implications of global network structures for entire communities of organizations in terms of the networks’ enabling or constraining the diffusion of knowledge across different industries.