Robert E. Quinn

Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business
Administration & Professor of Management and Organizations



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Areas of Expertise:

Positive Organizational Scholarship

Organization Effectiveness

Organizational Change

Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness

High Performance Behavior



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Management and Organizations Department

Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship

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Robert E. Quinn has published many papers and books on management and organization, but Professor Quinn is particularly interested in issues concerning leadership, vision and change. He has an applied orientation and has 25 years of experience in working with executives on issues of organizational change. He has been involved in the design and execution of numerous large-scale change projects. He has worked with a large percentage of the Fortune 500 companies. He teaches in both the MBA and Executive Education Programs at the University of Michigan and is known for innovative instructional efforts. Professor Quinn is also a fellow of the World Business Academy.



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Robert E. Quinn

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