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Gretchen M. Spreitzer

Keith E. and Valerie J. Alessi Professor of Business Administration

and Professor of Management & Organizations

Gretchen M. Spreitzer's research focuses on employee empowerment and leadership development, particularly within a context of organizational change and decline. Her most recent work is looking at positive deviance and how organizations enable employees to flourish. This work fits within a larger effort at Michigan's Business School to develop a Scholarship of Positive Organizing that is dedicated to understanding how work organizations contribute to the development of human strengths and virtues.


She is the co-author of four books, The Leader's Change Handbook: An Essential Guide to Setting Direction and Taking Action (1999) with Jay Conger and Edward Lawler, The Future of Leadership: Speaking to the Next Generation (2001) with Warren Bennis and Thomas Cummings, A Company of Leaders: Five Disciplines for Unleashing the Power in Your Workforce (2001) with Robert Quinn and the Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship (2011) with Kim Cameron.


Management & Organizations Department

Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship





Gretchen M. Spreitzer

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