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Here is a list of some hikes I have been on in the last few years.

●  Erds Numbers

Compute your own Erds number. The easiest way seems to be to use the AMS site and use the "Collaboration Distance Tool".

Mine is either 3 or 4.

3 is via the path Paul Erds--Michael Saks--Jason Hartline--Uday Rajan. The Erdos1 file at Oakland University lists Michael Saks as a co-author of Erds, and Jason Hartline as a co-author of Saks, and since I have a paper with Hartline, that should imply my Erds number is 3. The AMS Collaboration Distance Tool has me at 4, however.

4 is via several paths (yes, OK, I confess---it's one paper with Chawla, Ravi, and Sinha that gives rise to all of the paths).

Paul Erds--Nathan Linial--Robert Krauthgamer--Shuchi Chawla--Uday Rajan

Paul Erds--Lszl Lovsz--Ravi Sundaram--R. Ravi--Uday Rajan

Paul Erds--Michel-Marie Deza--Anupam Gupta--Amitabh Sinha--Uday Rajan

●  Cricket

Cricinfo : (check out the profile on Erapalli Prasanna).

Neville Cardus on Frank Woolley: Possibly the best piece of cricket writing ever.
More Cardus excerpts:  Cardus reported on both cricket and music for the Manchester Guardian, and it shows in his writing.

●  Heroes

Tenzing Norgay : Everest pioneer.
Sancho Panza: Just an ordinary person.

●  Other

Oxford English Dictionary: Word of the day in the rightmost column