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Last update: April 2019.

Working papers

Lee, S. and U. Rajan, "Robust Security Design," Dec 2018.

Cohn, J., U. Rajan and G. Strobl, "Credit Ratings: Strategic Issuer Disclosure and Optimal Screening," Jul 2018.

Hu, A., C. Parlour, and U. Rajan, "Cryptocurrencies: Stylized Facts on a New Investible Instrument," May 2018.

Parlour, C., U. Rajan and J. Walden, "Making Money: Commercial Banks, Liquidity Transformation and the Payment System," Dec 2017.

Berrospide, J., A. Purnanandam and U. Rajan, "Corporate Hedging, Investment and Value,'' Aug 2011.


Published and forthcoming papers: (Links are to external sites such as JSTOR/ScienceDirect)

Parlour, C. and U. Rajan (2019), "Contracting on Credit Ratings: Adding Value to Public Information," forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies.

Debo, L., U. Rajan and S. Veeraraghavan (2018), "Signaling Quality via Long Lines and Uninformative Prices," forthcoming, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Purnanandam, A. and U. Rajan (2018), "Growth Option Exercise and Capital Structure," Review of Finance 22(1): 177--206.

Wellman, M. and U. Rajan (2017), "Ethical Issues for Autonomous Trading Agents," Minds and Machines 27(4): 609--624.

Golan, L., C. Parlour and U. Rajan (2015), "Competition, Managerial Slack, and Corporate Governance," Review of Corporate Finance Studies 4(1): 43--68.

Rajan, U., A. Seru and V. Vig (2015), "The Failure of Models that Predict Failure: Distance, Incentives and Defaults," Journal of Financial Economics 115(2): 237--260.

Cohn, J. and U. Rajan (2013), "Optimal Corporate Governance in the Presence of an Activist Investor,"  Review of Financial Studies 26(4): 985--1020.

Attar, A., E. Campioni, G. Piaser and U. Rajan (2013), "Competing Mechanism Games of Moral Hazard: Communication and Robustness," Review of Economic Design 16(4): 283--296.

Debo, L., C. Parlour, and U. Rajan (2012), ``Signaling Quality via Queues,'' Management Science 58(5): 876--891. (Stochastic Models Area).

Rajan, U., A. Seru and V. Vig (2010), "Statistical Default Models and Incentives," American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 100(2): 506--510.

Attar, A., E. Campioni, G. Piaser and U. Rajan (2009), ``On Multiple Principal, Multiple Agent Models of Moral Hazard,'' Games and Economic Behavior 68(1): 376--380.  

Krishna, A. and U. Rajan (2009), "Cause Marketing: Spillover Effects of Cause-Related Products in a Product Portfolio," Management Science 55(9): 1469--1485. (Marketing area)

Goettler, R., C. Parlour and U. Rajan (2009), ``Informed Traders and Limit Order Markets,'' Journal of Financial Economics, 93(1): 67--87.

Ghose, A., T. Mukhopadhyay and U. Rajan (2007), "The Impact of Internet Referral Services on a Supply Chain", Information Systems Research, 18(3): 300--319.

Parlour, C., V. Prasnikar and U. Rajan (2007), ``Compensating for the Winner's Curse: Experimental Evidence,'' Games and Economic Behavior, 60(2): 339--356.

Chawla, S., J. Hartline, U. Rajan and R. Ravi (2006), "Bayesian Optimal No-Deficit Mechanism Design," Workshop in Information and Network Economics, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4286:  136--148.

Chawla, S., U. Rajan, R. Ravi and A. Sinha (2006), "Min-Max Payoffs in a Two-Player Location Game,"  Operations Research Letters 34(5): 499--507.

Goettler, R., C. Parlour and U. Rajan (2005), ``Equilibrium in a Dynamic Limit Order Market,'' Journal of Finance 60(5): 2149--2192. (Lead article)
         New York Stock Exchange Award for the best paper on equity trading at the 2004 WFA Meetings.
            Nominated for Smith--Breeden Prize for best paper in Journal of Finance not in corporate finance.

Choudhary, V., A. Ghose, T. Mukhopadhyay and U. Rajan (2005), ``Personalized Pricing and Quality Differentiation,''  Management Science 51(7): 1120--1130. (Marketing area)
            Online appendix

Parlour, C. and U. Rajan (2005), ``Rationing in IPOs,'' Review of Finance 9(1): 33--63.
         2005 GSAM Quant Prize for the best paper in the Review of Finance.

Telang, R., U. Rajan and T. Mukhopadhyay (2004), ``The Market Structure for Internet Search Engines,'' Journal of Management Information Systems 21(2): 137--160. 

Parlour, C. and U. Rajan (2003), ``Payment for Order Flow,'' Journal of Financial Economics 68(3): 379--411.

Parlour, C. and U. Rajan (2001), ``Competition in Loan Contracts,'' American Economic Review  91(5): 1311--1328.

Arya, A., J. Glover and U. Rajan (2000), ``Implementation in Principal-Agent Models of Adverse Selection,'' Journal of Economic Theory  93(1): 87--109.

Rajan, U. (1998), ``Trembles in the Bayesian Foundations of Solution Concepts of Games,''  Journal of Economic Theory 82(1): 248--266.


Book chapters

Parlour, C. and U. Rajan (2009), "Adverse Selection," in R. Cont (ed.) Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance, Wiley Publishers.

Miller, L., P. Shimpi and U. Rajan (1989), "Realized Return Optimization," in F. Fabozzi (ed.) Institutional Investor Focus on Investment Management, Probus Publishing Company.

Miller, L., P. Shimpi and U. Rajan (1989), "Liability Funding Strategies" in F. Fabozzi (ed.)  Portfolio and Investment ManagementProbus Publishing Company.