FIN 503: Financial Management (Fall 2010)

This is the first course in finance in our MBA sequence. The goal is to introduce students to the key concepts in analyzing financial decisions, and to provide applications to the real-world. The emphasis in the course is on problem-solving. The class is largely lecture-oriented, with several problem sets and a midterm and final exam. Topics include the time value of money, capital budgeting, portfolio theory, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, market efficiency, and capital structure. Here is the syllabus for the course.

BA 865: Asymmetric Information (Winter 2011)

This Ph.D. course is designed to introduce students to the tools used in modeling asymmetric information and to expose them to applications in different areas. The prerequisite for the course is Economics 601 or an equivalent. The course begins with an introduction to the main tools used in game theory, Bayesian Nash equilibrium and perfect Bayesian equilibrium. Adverse selection and moral hazard, the two main approaches to modeling asymmetric information in contract theory, are discussed. For much of the course, the focus is on applications of asymmetric information models drawn from different areas, including disclosure of information (accounting), external financing (finance), technology licensing (information technology), pricing (marketing), and auctions (of interest to several areas). Here is the syllabus for the course.