Culture and Values

New Book :

United America: The surprising truth about American values, American identity and the 10 beliefs that a large majority of Americans hold dear (Read the Spirit Books)


Citizenship and Crisis: Arab Detroit After 9/11 (Russell Sage Foundation)

America's Crisis of Values (Princeton University Press)


Differences in self-rated health by immigrant status and language preference among Arab Americans in the Detroit Metropolitan Area (Social Science & Medicine)

The Duality of American Moral Culture (Handbook of the Sociology of Morality)

Moral Values and Market Attitudes (Society)

America the Traditional (Changing Values, Persisting Cultures: Findings from the World Values Surveys)

Social Capital, Double Embeddedness, and Mechanisms of Stability and Change (American Behavioral Scientist)

Modernization, Cultural Change, and the Persistence of Traditional Values (American Sociological Review)

Selected Working Papers and Research Projects :

Voting Your Values

Purple America

Detroit Arab American Study:  
Preliminary Findings
    |    Technical Report