Welcome!  You have reached the very tentative page of Ben Feinberg, born in the wee hours of May 25, 2007, three weeks early, chomping at the bit. Here I am just a few hours old:

Picture 031†† Picture 047

Everyone says I look very cute, so it must be true (Iím an empiricist, you see. Already.) And they also seem to want to see more photos. Who am I not to oblige? SoÖ

Photos - 2007-06-29 038I like to whistle. A regular Von Trapp I am.

Photos - 2007-06-29 043Unhand me, you monstrous woman!

Photos - 2007-06-29 044My first lambada lessonÖ

Photos - 2007-06-29 111I lament the garish snails on my garment.

Photos - 2007-06-29 152This is my aunt CJ, the famous fashion designer. Isnít she sweet?

Photos - 2007-06-29 162Mommy is boring me with her research J

Photos - 2007-06-29 164Grandpa feeds me. Thatís not a real Rolex.

Pictures, SD600, Testing 091Halmoni and Haraboji admire me.

Photos - 2007-06-29 172My best Dr. Fu Manchu look. [Or perhaps ďThe CrawĒ.]

Pictures, SD600, Testing 064Ainít I chic? [Answer: Yes, I ainítÖ]


Thatís all for now! I know you enjoyed it!