Working Papers


"Heard It through the Grapevine: A Randomized Experiment Assessing Direct and Network Effects of the Tax Enforcement Strategies" (with Will Boning, John Guyton, Ronald Hodge, and Ugo Troiano).

"Taxing Hidden Wealth: The Consequences of U.S. Enforcement Initiatives on Evasive Foreign Accounts" (with Niels Johannesen, Patrick Langetieg, Daniel Reck, and Max Risch.

"Missing Miles: Evasion Responses to Car Taxes" (with Jarkko Harju and Tuomas Kosonen), November 2017.

"Tax Compliance and Enforcement," July 2017.

"Do Firms Remit 85% of Tax Everywhere? New Evidence from India" (with Tejaswi Velayudhan), April, 2017.

"Public Tax-Return Disclosure" (with Jeffrey Hoopes, Tom Neubig, and Leslie Robinson), April 2017.

"Who Sold during the Crash of 2009-9? Evidence from Tax-Return Data on Daily Stock Sales" (with Jeffrey Hoopes, Patrick Langetieg, Stefan Nagel, Daniel Reck, and Bryan Stuart), April 2016.