Keynotes, Addresses, Essays


Keynote Lecture, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC, "Rethinking Taxes in Emerging Countries: The role of Evasion, Information, and Inequality," November 1, 2017.

Keynote Lecture, Workshop on Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Inequality, University of Copenhagen, "Random (and Hopefully Controlled) Thoughts on Tax Evasion and Inequality" October 27, 2017.

Keynote Lecture, XIII Summer School on Public Economics, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, "Tax Systems and Optimal Tax Administration," June 26, 2017.

Keynote Lecture, Workshop on Public Economics, 2017 RIDGE Forum, Montevideo, Uruguay, "Real Firms in Tax Systems," May 26, 2017.

Keynote Lecture, University of Zurich Inaugural Conference of the Zurich Center for Economic Development, "Tax Systems in Developing Countries: Do We Need a New Paradigm?" (graciously delivered by Professor James Hines due to a Slemrod family emergency), December 12, 2016. Text available at

Keynote Lecture, 73rd Annual Congress of the Japan Institute of Public Finance, Kyoto, "Policy Insights from a Tax-Systems Perspective," October 23, 2016.

Keynote Address, World Bank Course in Domestic Revenue Mobilization, "Tax Systems and Tax Administration," Arlington, VA, May 5, 2016.

Keynote Lecture, University of North Carolina Tax Symposium, "Disclosure of Tax-Return Information," March 18, 2016.

Robin Oliver Scholarship Visiting Lecturer, New Zealand, February 21-25, 2016.  Addresses at the Tax Management Group (Auckland), University of Victoria (Wellington), and the New Zealand branch of the International Fiscal Association (Queenstown).

Mary C. Parker Yates Lecture, The Murphy Institute, Tulane University, "Taxing Beards and Breasts, Wigs and Windows: Weird Taxes of the Past and Their Lessons for Tax Policy Today," November 9, 2015.

Public Address, University of Oregon Department of Economics, School of Law and Lundquist College of Business, "From Wigs to Windows: Weird Taxes of Our Past and Their Lessons for Tax Policy Today," May 18, 2015.

Keynote Lecture, Inaugural Conference of the Welfare State and Taxation Unit of the Dondena Research Centre on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, Bocconi University, Milan, "Tax System Design: The Role of Enforcement," May 4, 2015.

Keynote Lecture, 1st Annual MaTax Conference, University of Mannheim and ZEW, "The Consequences of Firm-Based Taxation: A Tax-Systems Approach," September 18, 2014.

Keynote Lecture, 26th Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Public Economics (SIEP), "The Consequences of Firm-Based Taxation: A Tax-Systems Approach," September 27, 2014.

Keynote Lecture, Second Annual Workshop of the Tax Administration Research Centre, University of Exeter, "Tax Administration and Tax Systems," March 10, 2014.

Keynote Lecture, Center for Behavior and Institution Design Conference on Taxation, Social Norms, and Compliance, "Tax Compliance, Deterrence, and Social Norms: Insights from the Effects of Public Disclosure," Nuremberg, Germany, March 7, 2014.

Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor of Economics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, January 22-24, 2014.

Address, Barcelona GSE Lecture Series, Barcelona, Spain, October 21, 2013.

Richard Musgrave Lecture, CESifo Group, Munich, Germany, April 11, 2013.

Keynote Lecture, Bank of Israel Annual Research Conference, Jerusalem, December 26, 2012. "Tax Reform in the United States: Lessons from 1986 and Prospects for 2013."

Remarks at the 105th Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association upon receipt of the 2012 Daniel M. Holland Medal for distinguished lifetime contributions to the study and practice of public finance, November 16, 2012. "10 Things I Don't Know and Would Like (You) to Find Out About."

Keynote Lecture, Van Leer Institute, conference on Israeli tax policy, Jerusalem, December 25, 2012. "The Consequences of Taxing the Rich."

Keynote Lecture, 66th Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Uppsala Sweden, August 24, 2010. “Evidence of the Invisible: Toward a Credibility Revolution in the Emprical Analysis of Tax Evasion and the Informal Economy.”

Old George Orwell Got It Backward: Some Thoughts on Behavioral Tax Economics,” FinanzArchiv, March 2010, 66(1), pp. 15-33.

Lessons for Tax Policy in the Great Recession,” National Tax Journal, September 2009, 62(3), pp. 387-397.

Zeuthen Lectures, University of Copenhagen, October 29-31, 2008.

"Taxation and Big Brother: Information, Personalization, and Privacy in 21st Century Tax Policy," Fiscal Studies, March 2006, 27(1), pp. 1-15.