Working Papers


"Tax Salience and Manipulation: A Unifying Model" (with Ashley Craig).

"Do Collateral Sanctions Work? Evidence from the IRS' Passport Revocation Policy" (with Paul Organ, Alex Ruda, and Alex Turk).

"A Transparent Look at Taxes and Growth: Evidence from Cross-Country Panel Data" (with Laura Kawano and John S. Olson).

"Capital Gains and the Plasticity of Taxable Income" (with Paul Kindsgrab, Dylan Moore, Casey Rothschild, and Florian Scheuer).

"The Offshore World According to FATCA" (with John Guyton, Niels Johannesen, Patrick Langetieg, Daniel Reck, Max Risch, and William Strang).

"Norderfriedrichskoog! Tax Havens, Tax Competition, and the Introduction of a Minimum Tax Rate" (with William Boning and Robert Ullman).

"Gifts to Government"e; (with Yulia Kuchumova), revised draft December 2020.

"The Impact of IRS Enforcement Procedures on Delinquent Taxpayer Behavior: Evidence from Quasi-Random Assignment of Revenue Officers" (with William C. Boning, Ellen Stuart, and Alex Turk), draft March 2020.

"Public Disclosure of Tax Information: Compliance Tool or Social Network?" (with Daniel Reck and Trine Engh Vatto), draft March 2020.