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John C. and Sally S. Morley Professor of Finance

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
701 Tappan Street, Suite R4434
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234
Tel: 734/ 764-9286
Fax: 760/ 268-3746

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Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Finance Area Chair: 2022-present
John C. and Sally S. Morley Professor of Finance: 2023-present
Professor of Finance (with Tenure): 2018-present
Associate Professor of Finance (with Tenure): 2010-2018
Assistant Professor of Finance: 2003-2010

Universita' Ca' Foscari, Department of Economics
Visiting Scholar: Spring 2019

Stockholm School of Economics, Swedish House of Finance (SHOF)
Hans Dalborg Visiting Professor of Finance: Spring 2013


Journal of Financial Markets
Managing Editor: 2022-present
Co-Editor: 2017-2022
Associate Editor: 2013-2017

Review of Financial Studies
Associate Editor: 2017-2020


Stern School of Business, New York University: MBA (1998), M.Phil. (2002), Ph.D. (2003)
Universita' Commerciale Luigi Bocconi: BA (1994)

Information Economics, International Finance, Market Microstructure


Non-Standard Errors
, with many coauthors Journal of Finance (2024), Forthcoming.
Speculation with Information Disclosure
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Agency Costs and Strategic Speculation in the U.S. Stock Market
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Excess Mortality from COVID-19: A Commentary on the Italian Experience
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, with Jennifer Roush and Clara Vega Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2020), 55, pp. 117-157. (internet appendix)
Government Intervention and Arbitrage
Review of Financial Studies (2018), 31, pp. 3344-3408. (internet appendix)
Strategic Cross-Trading in the U.S. Stock Market
, with Clara Vega Review of Finance (2015), 19, pp. 229-282.
Financial Market Dislocations
Review of Financial Studies (2014), 27, pp. 1868-1914 (Michael J. Brennan RFS Best Paper Runner-Up Award). (The MDI series over 1973-2009 is available on request; more detailed information on and analysis of the ADR subsample are in Pasquariello (2018))
Prospect Theory and Market Quality
Journal of Economic Theory (2014), 149, pp. 276-310. (typos)
On the Price Comovement of U.S. Residential Real Estate Markets
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Does Asymmetric Information Drive Capital Structure Decisions?
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Imperfect Competition, Information Heterogeneity, and Financial Contagion
Review of Financial Studies (2007), 20, pp. 391-426. (Further discussion and analysis of the notion of information heterogeneity in the paper can be found here)
Informative Trading or Just Costly Noise? An Analysis of Central Bank Interventions
Journal of Financial Markets (2007), 10, pp. 107-143 (Lead Article). (typos)
An Examination of the Asian Crisis: Regime Shifts in Currency and Equity Markets
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Regime Shifts in Asian Equity and Real Estate Markets
, with Jarl Kallberg and Crocker Liu Real Estate Economics (2002), 30, pp. 263-291.  
WORKING PAPERS (read more):

Speculation and Liquidity in Stock and Corporate Bond Markets
(2024), with Mirela Sandulescu
Quants, Strategic Speculation, and Financial Market Quality
(2024), with George Malikov
Excess Mortality from COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Italian Experience
(2020), with Saverio Stranges
Political Uncertainty and Financial Market Quality
(2014), with Christina Zafeiridou
Is There Timing Ability in the Currency Market? Evidence from ADR Issuances
(2011), with Qiaoqiao Zhu  
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Third Conference on Sovereign Bond Markets
Fireside Chat between Marti Subrahmanyam and Chairman Paul Volcker Co-Organizers: Paolo Pasquariello and Marti Subrahmanyam, NYU-Stern School of Business, April 2016.  
Paolo Pasquariello parla del mondo della finanza, del sistema accademico italiano e americano e delle crisi economiche e finanziarie globali (in Italian) +39 Podcast, The Italian Consulate in Detroit, Winter 2021. Twenty Questions Dividend, Ross School of Business, Fall 2009.