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Academic Engagement in Public and Political Discourse
May 2015, Ann Arbor, MI
This 2015 Michigan Meeting is a culmination of an 18 month dialogue on an issue of interdisciplinary and global importance: The engagement of the academy in creating informed decision-making with the public and political realms. In particular, we are interested in stimulating a dialogue on faculty attitudes and best practices that cover a span of external engagement activities, including but not limited to: Congressional testimony, assistance to government agencies, board service, public presentations, media interviews, K-12 education, blogging, editorial writing, social media and political activism - all activities that lie outside the "standard" notions of scholarly pursuits.
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Increasing Public Understanding of Climate Risks and Choices:  What We Can Learn from Social Science Research and Practice
January 2012, Ann Arbor, MI (with the Union of Concerned Scientists)
One hundred social scientists, communications experts and climate scientists were convened at the University of Michigan to better understand and improve climate communication and dialogue. Through moderated discussions, the goals of the conference were to: (1) Build a shared understanding of the key challenges constraining US public understanding of climate risks and choices; (2) Identify the current findings of social science research on public understanding of climate change and their practical applications; (3) Identify the applicable lessons from social science research and practice into reducing historically or current large gaps between scientific and public understanding on other issues (health risks of tobacco, autism risks of vaccines, etc.); and (4) Identify best practices and opportunities to strengthen the integration of social science research and practice in improving public understanding of climate risks and choices.
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Constructing Green
May 2010, Ann Arbor, MI (with Rebecca Henn)
This conference will explore the strategies, relationships, and opportunities inherent in green building, as a technological, industrial, institutional and cultural shift.  Our goal is to discuss and encourage the advancement of organizational theories to understand the field and its impacts.  Concerns for environmental sustainability alter the goals, skill sets and political arrangements within this process, thereby altering fundamental meaning associated with our built environment. In this conference, we intend to explore a wide range of facets related to the relationship between green building and organizational scholarship.
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Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change through the Behavioral and Social Sciences
December 2009, Washington, DC (with Paul Stern)
With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the National Research Council's Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change is organizing two workshops on Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change Through the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The first of these will feature 4 half-day sessions on the following topics: (1) Public Understanding of Climate Change, (2) Opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation by Household Action, (3) Public Acceptance of Energy Technologies, (4) Organizational Change and Greening of Business.  Each session will include brief presentations by subject matter experts, comments from assigned discussants, and open discussion about the implications of the knowledge for responding to climate change.
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Sustainable Energy Fellowship
June 2009, Ann Arbor, MI
This is a joint educational experience among researchers from Arizona State University, Cornell University, Duke University, the University of Michigan and MIT for students to address the global need for the use of energy reduction designs supplemented by renewable energy technologies.  Roughly 40 students are exposed to research and education in energy production, conversion, storage and sources that are environmentally friendly and renewable such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. Leading practitioners from industry, government and non-governmental agencies supplement the learning experience by providing divergent points of view and technical expertise.  Held on the University of Michigan campus, this year's program will run May 30 - June 6, 2009.

Religious Perspectives on Climate Change
September 2007, Ann Arbor, MI (with Barry Rabe, Jim Crowfoot and Rolf Bouma)
A multi-faith exploration of the intersection of religious beliefs and concern for the global environment, the conference included a panel discussion among representatives from the Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Jainist, Muslim and Protestant (Evangelical and Mainline) faiths as well as keynote speeches from Mary Evelyn Tucker, noted Yale University Professor and Reverend Sally Bingham, President of the Regeneration Project.
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Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change
November 2006, Ann Arbor, MI
120 attendees and 100 webcast viewers learned about the experiences of six corporations (DuPont, Alcoa, Swiss Re, Shell, Whirlpool, Duke Energy) as they developed strategies to address climate change. Keynote speeches by senior representatives of Calpers and Holcim (US).
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Reframing the Climate Change Debate
June 2005, Ann Arbor, MI (with Tom Lyon)
The meeting opened with a keynote by Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and followed with a discussion among key NGO, Union, Business and Academic Leaders on how to address climate change as an issue of jobs, trade, energy security and national security.

Organizations, Policy and the Natural Environment: Institutional and Strategic Perspectives
April 2000, Evanston, IL (with Marc Ventresca)
The three day meeting brought together nearly twenty-five academic researchers with an interest in environmental issues and social science theory to present papers, receive feedback, discuss future research directions and produce an edited book.

Senior Level Dialogue on Climate Change Policy
November 1998, Evanston, IL
This one day meeting brought together nearly seventy-five senior executives from business, government and the environmental community to discuss the scientific, strategic and policy implications of controls on greenhouse gas emissions.

Senior Level Dialogue on Climate Change Policy
May 1997, Evanston, IL
This one day meeting brought together nearly fifty senior executives from business, government and the environmental community to discuss the scientific, strategic and policy implications of controls on greenhouse gas emissions. The product was an edited book composed of individual chapters and conference transcripts.


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