Andrew J. Hoffman

Management Publications

"Policies for adapting to the 'new normal' of the Anthropocene," Behavioral Scientist, November 14 (2022) (with P. Devereaux Jennings and Nicholas Poggioli).

"Time to put the fossil-fuel industry into hospice," Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall: 28-37 (2022) (with Doug Ely).

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"Defining systems change and sustainable business, Part 1," special issue co-editors in Amplify, 35(4) (2022) (with Nicholas Poggioli).

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"How to be a purpose-driven leader in a capitalist world,"Harvard Business Review, June 10 (2021) (with Celia Bravard and John Pontillo).

"Climate change and our emerging cultural shift," Behavioral Scientist, September 30 (2019).

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"The next phase of business sustainability," Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring: 34-39 (2018).

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"Sustainability: How to get from here to there," Leadership Excellence Essentials, March, 15-16 (2015).

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"Strategic alliances for the hazardous waste remediation market," Construction Business Review, 2(1): 56-71 (1992).

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