Andrew J. Hoffman

Selected Academic Publications

"In search of scholarly iimpact," Academy of Management Learning & Education, 21(3): 343-349 (with U. Haley, C. Cooper, T. Pitsis and D. Greenberg) (2022).

"Institutional policies for a healthy Anthropocene society," Behavioral Science & Policy, 7(2): 111-127 (with P.D. Jennings and N. Poggioli) (2021).

"Misinformation about science in the public schere," Proceedings of the National Academy of Schinces, (with D. Scheufele, L. Neeley, and C. Reid) (2021).

"Business education as if people and the planet really matter," Strategic Organization, (2020).

"Does a common mechanism engender common results? by Rawhouser, Cummings and Hiatt - Some 'carry forwards' for studies of the Paris Agreement," Academy of Management Discoveries, (with Dev Jennings and Manely Sharifian) (2020).

"(Un)Sustainability and Organization Studies: Towards a Radical Engagement,", Organization Studies, (with Seray Ergene and Bobby Banerjee) (2020).

"Three paradoxes of climate truth for the Anthropocene social scientist," Organization & Environment, (with P. Devereaux Jennings) (2019).

"The pursuit of success in academia: Plato's ghost asks 'What then?'" Journal of Management Inquiry, (with A. R. Elangovan) (2019).

"Institutional-political scenarios for Anthropocene society," Business & Society, (with Dev Jennings) (2018).

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"Plugging a leaky ship: Modeling the organizational obstacles to sustainable practices," Academy of Management Discoveries, June 20 (2016).

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"Chapter 1," in Organizations, Policy and the Natural Environment: Institutional and Strategic Perspectives (with Marc Ventresca, Stanford University Press, 2002).

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"Sources of environmentally destructive behavior: Individual, organizational and institutional perspectives," Research in Organizational Behavior, 21: 39-79 (with Max Bazerman) (1999).


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