Andrew J. Hoffman

Essays and Editorials

"Academic 'Elders' wanted: Inquire within," AACSB, January 2 (2024).

"Democracy is giving way to the market, and ultimately to the mob. James Madison would be appalled," Michigan Journal of Public Affairs, April 15 (2019).

"In praise of 'B' journals: Academic publishing is becoming more about establishing a pecking order and less about pursuing knowledge," Inside Higher Education. March 27 (2017).

"Isolated scholars: Making bricks, not shaping policy," The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 9 (2015).

"Warm spring weather and global warming: If only scientists could be so persuasive," Christian Science Monitor, March 21 (2012).

"On climate change, society trails science," Philadelphia Inquiry, February 27 (with Peter Frumhoff) (2012).

"Toward one America on climate change," The McClatchy Group, February 23 (with Peter Frumhoff) (2012), posted by The Miami Herald, The Olympian, The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star, San Luis Obispo Tribune, Idaho Statesman, The Sun Herald, and The Bradenton Herald.

"Don't ignore climate skeptics - talk to them differently," Christian Science Monitor, June 24 (2011).

"A new era of climate change consciousness," Fast Company, February 17 (2010).

"Not 'green' jobs. Just jobs," Corporate Responsibility Officer, Summer: 46-47 (2009).

"Deconstructing the ivory tower: Business schools' reliance on theory-driven research ignores the pressing needs of real-world managers," Corporate Responsibility Officer, January/February: 44-46 (2009).

"Climate change: Calling the fossil fuel abolitionists," Ethical Business, May 28 (2008).

"Climate change: Triggering an early strike on CO2," Corporate Responsibility Officer, March/April: 48-49 (2008).

"The optimistic environmentalist," Carbon Business, Spring: 14-16 (2008).

"Consensus builds to create limits on carbon emissions. Urgency on climate change stirs firms to demand change," The Detroit News, November 14: 11A (2007).

"Bean counters, Not tree huggers," Dividend, Spring: 32-33 (2007)

"Down in Front: Business is already acting on the climate threat -- and waiting for Washington to catch up," Grist Magazine (February 1, 2007).

"The Real Thing: Coca-Cola learns a tough lesson about corporate sustainability," Grist Magazine (September 5, 2006).

"Fighting global warming helps Michigan jobs: If Bush won't take action on climate change, business, labor and other groups will do it for him," The Detroit News, July 15: 11A (with Tom Lyon) (2005).

"Environmental education in business school," Environment, 41 (1): 4-5 (1999).

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